Florida Licensed Mortgage Lender

  Submit your loan application along with a recent copy of your credit report.  
We allow you to submit your credit report directly to us. This helps to avoid inquiries to independent agencies regarding your credit. We do not base our loans solely on credit scores. There are other factors that we take into consideration upon loan request, such as the property’s LTV (loan-to-value) ratio, expected time-frame for loan repayment, the borrower’s experience and track-record, etc. are a few of the items we take into consideration.
  Provide us with the property address, accepted contract and title company information.  
We will give you an approximate loan amount based on the comparables in the subdivision. These approximations are subject to inspection of the property, purchase price and credit.
  Once you accept the "estimated loan amount" we will set up an inspection of the property.  
After reviewing the inspection report, we will contact you to confirm your acceptance of the final loan amount. We will fax the title company our requirements and loan figures.
Please Contact us we can help you.